Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Aaron Rodgers knows that acupuncture works. Have a sports injury or just need to stay fit? Acupuncture works!

More and more famous athletes are letting us know that they use acupuncture to help them heal. There is not doubt that acupuncture works to help sports injuries heal faster. Now, some say that athletes don't ind their time off so are in no really big hurry to heal. That's not me! When I'm injured my entire focus is on getting well as soon as possible (!) to get back to running, playing soccer, etc. and being PAIN FREE. Why not be 100% all the time?

If you or someone  you know wants to try acupuncture give me a call; 303-947-6224.
Federal employees - BCBS groups 104 and 105 receive 24 acupuncture treatments per year! 
CIGNA/Great W Healthcare - has plans that cover acupuncture
United has plans that cover acupuncture.
As a service to you, we find out whether or not your health insurance covers acupuncture and our other therapies and when it does we bill your insurance.  There are plans that cover it, some pay for unlimited visits or enough visits for you to come every other week and be the healthiest employee in your company! Why not be healthier! That's what the insurance company realizes - preventing surgeries, the use of expensive pain killers, and your having to have medical procedures saves them (and you!) money.  Even preventing the common cold saves your employer money.

Here is how acupuncture/Chinese medicine can help YOU!

Libido flagging? Not liking your PMS? Hot flashes? Having difficulty conceiving? Acupuncture works for that.

Going through chemotherapy? I have been treating people who need to be treated with chemotherapy and/or radiation for more than a dozen years. Acupuncture can help you heal faster and reduce the negative impact of those treatments.

ATHLETES: Stamina flagging? Injured? I'll get you back in the game asap.

Getting a few wrinkles?  Acupuncture works for that!  Click here to schedule your FREE consultation with the internationally known age control expert Dr. Martha Lucas, L.Ac.DrMLucas@AcupunctureWoman.com.  Your cosmetic and anti-aging needs can be met with Chinese medicine - the true anti-aging medicine.  The Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture has been featured in O Magazine and is taught to practitioners all over the world who want to offer the patients a safe, effective alternative to injections and plastic surgery.  Use the most natural thing there is for age control: your own body's energy!!

WHY AM I ABLE TO GET YOU SUCH GOOD RESULTS?  Because I can give you an expert diagnosis to determine the cause of your symptoms or disease and then TREAT IT!  
Chinese medicine treatment works best when your practitioner KNOWS HOW TO MAKE A DIAGNOSIS. Take it from someone who teaches Chinese medicine students from all over the world - the proper diagnosis leads to more effective treatment.

On the other hand - got good health?  Acupuncture/Chinese medicine works to maintain that.  But if you don't feel the best that you can or as good as you think you should, call me at 303-947-6224 or email me DrMLucas@AcupunctureWoman.com.  Even though I feel great, I receive acupuncture every other week whether I need it or not …. 

Bio: Dr. Martha Lucas, L.Ac. is an internationally recognized expert in Chinese medicine for pulse diagnosis (internal medicine and emotional health issues) and Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture.  She can be reached at DrMLucas@AcupunctureWoman.com or 303-947-6224. "I specialize in 3 things because I believe that it is important to have focus in order to do your best work and get people back on track quickly.  I want to help you have babies and excellent women's health, get you out playing basketball or football or in that triathlon sooner and stronger, and keep your skin looking its best!!!"

Monday, January 12, 2015

Add spirulina and cholorphyll; it's easy, drink it!

Go Green! … by adding spirulina and cholorphyll to your daily routine by ordering the green drink that I carry in my practice. The box contains 20 packets that you mix with water and drink each day. I recommend drinking it throughout the morning. Not only will you feel better but you will also be drinking more water along with collecting all the goodness from the green drink.
How does it work? It has 3 ingredients:
Spirulina is algae. In Chinese herbal medicine algae or kunbu is a favorite herb of mine. It contains an extraordinary wealth of mineral elements from the sea. It is a beautiful way to not only get minerals but to also benefit from its vitamins, protein content, fiber, and essential fatty acid content.
Chlorophyll may help you maintain a healthy weight (or maybe even lose some excess weight) by helping to control hunger and cravings, promotes cleansing/detox, and encourages your body to heal itself faster.
A touch of mint for cooling and flavor.
It is gluten free and made with non-GMO ingredients.
$20 plus $5 for shipping and handling. Email drmlucas@acupuncturewoman.com or call 303-947-6224 to order.